How it Works

Paint Process Management 

Implementing Paint Process Management is part of the contract that FinishLine has with your facility. There is no extra “consulting fee” or “implementation fee” involved with PPM. What follows is a general description of what we will do to implement PPM at your facility at no additional cost.

1. In Depth Audit

 A comprehensive study is performed to identify all aspects of the drivers of costs. The key areas that drive cost include Capital Equipment, Facility Cost, Consumed Materials, Labor, Energy, Waste Stream, Maintenance, Rework, Warranty Claims, Downtime and Safety.

A Transfer Efficiency (TE) test is also performed to understand exactly how much paint ends up on the part and how much goes to waste.

2. Process Specifications and Controls Standards

 Current processes are mapped, CAD drawings are updated to reflect the “as is” conditions within the processes, and the current controls and data gathering standards and processes are studied. Then an “Ideal” process and control standard system is laid out. Current conditions are compared to the ideal conditions and a gap analysis is created. Required improvements to the processes and controls standards are defined in order to begin to bridge the gaps between current and ideal conditions.

3. Training and Training Standards

A set of classes is created specifically for Engineering, Management, Production, and Maintenance so that they will each learn all aspects of the processes, controls, supply chains, impacts of waste, energy usage and safety. This training is highly specific and tailored to each facility’s painting process.

 Training is conducted in both the classroom and hands on over a period of time. Each person involved with the process will learn everything they need to know in order to follow the new standards and also to make independent decisions that are in the best interest of the plant as a whole. A set of Master Training Standards are created so that any new employees can get up to speed.

4. New Process and Control Standard Implementation

Visual Control Media is installed immediately after training, and the new process specifications and control standards begin to be implemented. FinishLine works closely with the entire painting team to help to make this transition as smooth as possible. Every metric is tracked closely during this period to ensure positive results, and adjustments are made as needed.

At the end of this period the customer recieves  an updated Process Standards task list in a format the helps determine the path and timeline for fastest process improvements.

5. Continual Monitoring and Process Improvement

FinishLine process engineers continue to monitor all performance metrics related to the paint line for the life of the contract. Monthly performance reports are submitted that detail how the process is progressing against the ideal process state. Any new industry knowledge or techniques are also implemented . The entire process is kept on a path to continuous improvement and cost savings. Reports on the status of the painting process relate to improvements in cost, environmental footprint, quality, safety, and other factors.


Where to Begin?

Contact us to speak with a representative and to discuss setting up a FREE preliminary process assessment to see if your facility is a good candidate for Paint Process management.