Pretreatment Systems

Pretreatment Systems

At FinishLine, we look at all aspects of the painting process before designing a pretreatment system. Everything from substrate types, surface quality, paint or markings used, machining lubricants, welding slag, or any of the other countless contaminants that may have an effect on paint quality. From there we make recommendations on the best types of pretreatment systems and the number of stages that will fit within budget constraints. Our Pretreatment systems always take into account ease of cleaning and maintenance, as well as simplicity and cost of operation. Ours are also the most efficient systems available, greatly reducing waste. Contact us today to find out more.

Available Features:

Stainless or Mild Steel

Quick Disconnect Nozzles

Insulated Tanks

Automated Chemical Feed

PH and Conductivity Meters

Automated Startup and Sutdown

PLC VFD and Thermostat Control


Additional Options:

Continuous Line or Batch Systems with Multistage Cleaning

Spray or Immersion as well as Combination Systems

Iron and Zinc Sludge Removal

Phosphate or other Conversion Coatings

Zero Discharge Systems

Oil Coalescing Separator

Alkaline and/or Acid Wash


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