Conveyors and Material Handling

Conveyors and Material Handling

FinishLine engineers are highly experienced with all types of conveyors, material handling, and load/unload equipment. Whether you’re looking for a simple single speed line, multiple line diverts, an overhead crane batch system, or any combination thereof, we can build the right system for you. FinishLine can help to link a variety of processes across your facility. We will help find the perfect solution to meet your needs and also improve the quality of your painting process while reducing labor, costs, and safety hazards. Contact us to find out  more.

Available Features:

I-Beam of CLosed Track

Power and Free or Inverted Power and Free

Inverted Power and Free

Chain on Edge

Flat Belt

Knife Edge

Power and Gravity Roller

Walking Beam

Automated Hoist and Square Transfer

Indexing systems

Part Rotators

Part Carriers

In Floor Conveyors

Grease Free Systems

Contaminant Free Automatic Lubrication