About Us

Finishline Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers the best possible finishing process solution to meet each particular need. We draw from over 50 years combined experience in the liquid paint, protective coating, powder coating, E-coat, industrial adhesives and sealants industries to help our customers determine the right tool to meet their particular requirements.

Finishline Technologies provides a variety of services such as system design consulting, paint line management, equipment maintenance and repair, and cost reduction analysis. We can help improve all types of finishing and material handling/application operations both large and small. We have a truly unique approach which helps our customers meet the ever-increasing demand to maximize the efficiency of their finishing operation.

We can provide everything from a simple single manual finishing system to a complete new “turnkey” automatic system including sophisticated automation or robot integration. We can also provide services to help evaluate and implement modifications and upgrades to existing systems and components. Additionally we can provide paint, powder coatings, pre-treatment chemicals, adhesives and sealants to meet every requirement.

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